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Mileage log

The Gadget Tracker Mileage log keeps track of individual trips, and documents where and when the car has been in use. Employees easily report on their driving. The solution calculates time and distance continuously. The Mileage log updates automatically and needs no manual follow up from the user.

Provides detailed reporting

With electronic mileage log you don’t have to log yourself. All trips are logged, and you can easily sort out your private and professional driving.

Quick to install

The small tracker is installed within a few minutes, you don’t need any tools nor competence. If you have any questions, you will always get help from our customer support

Save time & money

You don’t have to think about where you have driven or subsequent logging. The electronic mileage log does that automatically.

Mileage logs makes your workday simpler

  • Calculates time and distances
  • Saves the driver and company expenses
  • No need for manual follow-up
  • Simple, reliable long-term tracker.
  • Total control over all company vehicle driving patterns

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