Inventory Gadget Tracker has the main purpose of reducing the potential losses cost by search for assets, loss of assets and ineffective logistics.

  • Use less time searching for assets
  • Save the company time and money
  • Full reporting of asset location in map
  • Active tracking with GPS or Bluetooth
  • Overview of assets on mobile and computer

Overview of all available equipments

The excellent overview of equipment and vehicles give you the necessary insight in what resources the company has available and to keep track of where things are and what their condition is.

Overview of who used it last

The users of assets in high demand need to be reported, this gives you the opportunity to call the person responsible for the asset and book it.

Overview of the GEO position

GPS and Bluetooth gives countless possibilities for tracking and overview. What you want to track, and where, affects what kind of technology you should choose.

Perfect overview throughout the workday

With Inventory Gadget Tracker you will easily get overview of all your assets and tools. This simplifies the workday and will save a lot of time and money. Gadget Tracker will alert you when for example an asset certificate is about to expire or if a vehicle needs EU approval.

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